First things first. Alaska, what is this place. It’s one of the coldest states in the US, I believe it is even the coldest. It’s famous among the television viewers thanks to the Discovery channel hit tv shows with truckers and fisherman.

Also many films have played in this area for example scenes from the Xmen and the famous movie Into the wild with a crazy good soundtrack. All this media portrait this area as a deserted and not fun place to stay. However every year still thousands of people come here to explore the country side. To get away from the familiar urban stress and explore the roots of living on your own.

We have to agree that while being here we feel completely different. We said goodbye to luxury and comfort and learned to live in the wild. Let’s keep it straight and the image that is created is not 100% true, of course not. Also Alaska know some immense large cities with people living there. Technology is not uncommon and even the internet speed can be quite fast at the right spots.