After a while we found out where the expats come together and how they find each other. Mostly via certain bars and pubs which is known by the expats. For example English pubs are always in favor and they pretend to be the expat heaven for drinkers.

It’s also a great way to find new people over there and to get information. We noticed after a while that there are a couple of expat communities living here. Interesting was that people of all ages are in these groups and some people hop from one community into another.

Most people who have the same interested are attracted to hang out with each other. In general it is a very small city, as they referred it to little city because of the famous Little Italy in New York City. People know very well what another expat is up to, hanging out with, where that person is hanging out etc.

Interesting to know is that new media plays a large part in all this. People use it to get direct and fast answers to their questions.