We could fill in the groups in a couple of categories so far.

The most noise-making group were the drinkers. Let’s refer them to the drinkers. They were almost every other night out and they were very social towards everyone. So it seems. They are great in getting first contact, but that’s it. After that they will see if you are the same kind or not. Conversations with these people always stayed quite superficial and was more about appearances and gossip than about something which was necessary.

We had a very mixed feeling within this first group. From a very warm feeling to we don’t belong in the group if we don’t show up, drink and participate. Very fast the table was turned on us and we became sort of the laughing stock.

The next group was much more interesting. We parted our ways, thanked them for a peek into their community and started with a new group. These were the do-ers. More about that later.